Programme and Personnel

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York University now offers a full undergraduate degree programme in Hellenic Studies.

The requirements for each of the degrees (BA Honours, BA, BA Minor) are described below.

This vibrant new programme is ideally suited for students who wish to understand more fully

the Hellenic exeperience over time, who wish to pursue a career in Hellenic Studies in the teaching profession, or who wish to undertake a career in one of the professions (law, buisness etc) by combining a major in Hellenic Studies with another discipline. For further information about majoring in Hellenic Studies, please Professor Thomas Gallant (tgallant@yorku.ca).

At the graduate level, York offers students the possibility of obtaining a Ph.D. or an MA in Modern European History with a specializtion in Greek History through the Graduate Programme in the History Department.  For further information, please contact Professor Thomas Gallant and Professor Marcel Martel (mmartel@yorku.ca).

Degrees Offered and Requirements



Hellenic Studies Faculty

Matthew Clark (ancient)
Thomas W, Gallant (modern)
Steve Mason (ancient)
Guy Metraux (ancient)
Jeremy Trevett (ancient)
Michael Vitopoulos(modern)


Selected Hellenic Studies Courses
Modern History

Hist 3355. Modern Greece

Hist 3356. The Greek Diaspora
Hist 3530. Byzantium and Islam

Hist 4375. Topics in Greek History


HIST 5060: Readings in Greek, Balkan and Ottoman History

Modern Language and Literature
GKM 1000. Elementary Modern Greece
GKM 2000. Intermediary Modern Greek
GKM 3600. Modern Greek Literature and Culture after Independence
GKM 4600. Modern Greek Cinema and Culture

Ancient History

Hist 3120. Athenian Democracy and Society

Hist 3150. Early Greek History

Hist 3152. Classical Greek History

Hist 4016. Alexander the Great

Hist 4120. Problems in the History of Ancient Greece

Hist 4122. War and Society in Ancient Greece

Ancient Language and Literature
Gk 1000. Elementary Classical Greece

Gk 2000. Intermediate Classical & Biblical Greek

Gk. 3010. Greek Tragedy

Gk 3030. Greek Epic Poetry

Gk. 3040. Greek Historians

Gk. 3060. Greek Rhetoric

Ancient Literature & Culture 

Huma 3100. Greek Drama & Culture

Huma 3115. Greek Myth: Texts & Theories

Huma 4103. Interpretations of Homeric Poetry

Ancient Philosophy
Phil 2015. Plato & Aristotle

Phil 3600. Ancient Philosophy

Phil 4030. Topics in Ancient Philosophy

Art and Architecture

Vsa. 2520. Greek Art & Architecture


Last Updated: September 18, 2005