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Math 1505 : Math for the Life and Social Sciences


Information for Math 1505 sec. A ; May 3 to July 30th 2010

Suggested Homework for Summer 2010  Last update on July 5th. 


Test-2 of 9th June: Model Solutions   grading scheme and Letter Grades

Test-3 0f June 30: Model Solutions grading scheme and Letter Grade conversion


Following links (Summer 2009) are for information only.

Test-4 Aug 5 Result and Model Answers.

Test-3 July 20th Result and Model Answers.

Test-2 of July 6 Result and Model Solution.

Test-1 of June 22 Result and a model solution 


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Math 1505 Fall-Winter 2008-09 course page link

is given below for reference: