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Welcome to Women's Studies

Women's Studies is the critical examination of women's lives, which places women's own experiences at the centre. The central objectives of this revisioning are to expose, critique and change elements which subordinate women in all areas of life such as family, work, sexuality and spirituality. Women's Studies attempts actively to transform discriminatory laws, practices and customs. By studying women in a multiplicity of settings, divergences of race, class and sexual orientation are highlighted. Students are encouraged to join in the transformative process of feminist scholarship aimed at recapturing, recreating, and revaluing women's knowledge.

Women's Studies is both a complement and a corrective to established fields at York and a new academic discipline of its own. Until recently, both the humanities and the social sciences reflected predominantly male perspectives. Women have been largely invisible in literature, art, history, philosophy, politics, social sciences and law. Through cross-cultural and disciplinary assessment, Women's Studies exposes misconceptions about women expressed through myth, ideologies, teachings and writings. It replaces negative cultural images of women with visions that reaffirm women's strength, capability and intelligence.